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Dear Parents:
As you may be aware, there are several area schools including Stockton Schools reporting outbreaks of bacterial skin infections (impetigo) with its student/athletes, especially football players. Bacterial skin infections are contagious by contact, and students who show signs of impetigo should
see a physician. Typically, students may return to physical activity 24 hours after receiving an oral antibiotic. Students and student/athletes should wash their hands frequently, launder their practice and games clothes on a daily basis, and report any sign of the skin rash to their coach and parent. Though many of the reported cases are from student/athletes, it is possible to catch impetigo through physical education class contact and other physical contact.

Our maintenance staff will be taking extra precautions in cleaning and disinfecting locker rooms, and our football staff will be giving additional instructions to team members.
If you have any questions, advice would be to call your medical provider. Find more information on impetigo here.

A New Year and a New Look!

We are happy to present our new modern mobile friendly design. Our new look helps to bring you more information in an easy and convenient way. Now you can easily look up events, check student grades or get the latest district news from your smart phone or tablet.

As the year progresses more features and information will be added so stay tuned!

Welcome back and have a great year! 


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